Treatments are one on one, completely individualized and based upon the findings in our assessment, your personal goals and day to day physical presentation. All treatment options and methods are open for discussion and I do my best to explain the benefits of and clinical reasoning behind all of my techniques.

How I treat

I use a combination of both hands on techniques and specific exercises, however I also place a large emphasis on patient advice and education as I believe that activity modification and activity management are crucial for the treatment of most problems.

What not to expect

Unlike some therapists I do not treat several patients at once, nor do I use, or believe in the treatment efficacy with electro-therapy devices.

What I treat and have to offer

Most of my post graduate training and now 13 years of work experience has been focused in the area musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Specifically in the management of back, neck and lower limb problems as they are the most frequently seen problems. Below is a short and by no means complete list of some of the more common conditions I regularly treat.


  • Back pain - From poor posture, muscle tightness or disc bulges/ disc prolapses (40% of all neck and back pain is said to be caused by the spinal discs)

  • Neck pain and headaches related to muscle tension and poor posture (Cirvicogenic Headaches)

  • Poor sitting posture - I'll show you not only how to sit correctly but how to do it easily and explain exactly why it's so important

  • Flat feet and biomechanical problems of the foot and ankle with the use of exercises and Formthotic innersoles

  • Patello-femoral syndrome (Pain under and around the knee cap)

  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tears of the knee

  • Painful hips - Periformis syndrome and hip impingement syndrome

  • Ankle pain, instability or stiffness following injury

  • Rotator cuff tears of the shoulder

  • Balance training and preventing falls in the elderly

  • Exercises for Osteoporosis management - Balance and body weight exercises is the key

  • Tennis elbow

  • Shoulder impingement syndrome

  • Scoliosis of the spine

  • Mountain biking skills and routes - want to get fit but you don't know where to go? Need motivation?

  • Exercise programmes for maintaining a healthy body into older age

  • Chronic Achillies pain (Tendinopothie/ Tendinitis) - If you follow the programme it will substantially improve, I guarentee it!

Lower limb biomechanical assessment and treatment